The Rusty Joints Park Place Log

    you could have left.  why d'you stay up here all these years?
seemed like a good idea at the time.  you know what i mean, kid?
    yeah.  i do.
have you ever spent thirty years in a cabin?
well then you don't know what i mean.
    i mean, metaphorically, i know what you mean.
metaphorically, have you ever spent thirty years in a cabin?
well then *think* before you talk.
    — without a paddle

the word you're looking for is "(re)search", not "google".  every time i hear people use that as a verb i want to 9mm them.

people no longer understand what it means to be considerate - or they just don't think it is worth it anymore.  we have lost our table manners.
    — valkraider

step 1.  find a calendar
step 2.  look at february and march
(sure, it's fairly commonplace, but who noticed?)

just because i don't feel like doing something doesn't mean i'm not capable of doing it.
    i agree.  but i could also say that those who cannot obey themselves needs to be commanded.
    — aeon flux (the purge)

and now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go see if i can still find a good price on some of that cheap offshore viagra.  (just between you and me though, i wish i could score a deal on v1agra, 'cause *that's* the good stuff.)

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