The Formative Years Park Place Log

howdie, hombre.  what in tarnation is a-goin' on?
    — kim possible (showdown at the crooked d)

we landed on the moon in '69.  now that i noticed, i bet i'll remember.

doctor, they've got guns.
    and i haven't, which makes *me* the better person, don't you think?  they can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine.
    — doctor who (army of ghosts)

"be alert to heavy truck traffic"
who saw the need for this sign, and why didn't they also see a need for "yield to glacier" and "road may be molten"?

tell me your heart's desire.  one wish, and it's yours.
just no heads on plates.
    — aeon flux (thanatophobia)

they say a smart person learns something every day.
    ken's response:  see, i think a smart person already *knows* things.
    my response:  well then you must be a very smart person indeed.

it's one of the things i like: how depressing it is.  it's like where dreams go to die.
    — the big bounce

"that being said, however..."
    is there a better transition out there?  maybe, but i make no guarantee.

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