The Sea Legs Park Place Log

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if i had to replace you it'd probably take me most of the day.
    — the big bounce

you know what i haven't seen for a while?  calvin peeing on something.  have all those vehicles broken down?

are you a man of good character where women are concerned?
    have you ever met a man of good character where women are concerned?
    — my fair lady

it's somewhere between difficult and nigh-impossible to use the word "loathe" correctly, but i can confidently state that i loathe Taboo.

let’s just think about this for a second, shall we?  i am out of your league.  i’m so out of your league that if your league exploded, i wouldn't hear it for three days.  so let us continue in a comfortable silence, shall we?
    — the librarian: quest for the spear

ever notice how you can get away with things that sound like something?  for instance, you can hand someone a drink and say "does it taste like pee?"  at best they'll be confused and at worst rather upset, but you can smooth everything over with "does it fill you with glee?"

i don't know what to say.
    good, because i don't want to hear it.
    — aeon flux (a time for everything)

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