The Sumitos and Pacs Park Place Log

these days it seems like they're trying to protect us from everything.  ...  ya think we're missing the point?  let's just keep our eye on the big ball.  protect us from the things that matter: the things we can't see coming.
    — hyundai commercial

despite theater popcorn, alcohol and a projector, over half of our thanksgiving saturday guests were sleeping by 11:30.  that's just embarrassing.  for them.

you can hide from what you do or you can be proud of it, but you can't deny that it's a gauge of who you are.
    — painkiller jane (reflections)

after several straight days of Eating, yesterday's dinner was a biscuit, and even that was more ItTastesGood than iWasHungry.

ummm... i'm sorry, but the whole two-man sea cucumber thing is kind of creepy.
    first of all, it's a sandworm, ok - shai-hulud, to be specific - and second of all, dune fans have been goin' nuts over our costume since the eighth grade.
    — chuck (chuck versus the sandworm)

ahhhh, leftovers.  how i look forward to eating you.  for the rest of the week.

what are you, a jooboobap or something?
    a what?
jewish, buddhist, baptist.  y'know, people got all kinda crazy notions these days.
    — k-ville (critical mass)

the long weekend's final tally is nine bottles of wine, twenty-two bottles of beer, a large bottle of white russian and most of a large bottle of pennsylvania dutch egg nog.  no records were broken, but it's a decent showing considering we got a late start.

instant gratification has us in a stranglehold.  so much so that we don't want to fix things any more, just replace them.  ...  whatever happened to commitment?  to standing by our decisions?
    — hyundai commercial

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