The Liquid Christmas Park Place Log

luckily for the pats, the steel city isn't hosting next week's game.
(the ravens would've owned tonight's if they hadn't been so error-happy.)

don't worry: christmas is coming.  maybe your wife will give you a dog collar.
    — party wire

regarding the kingmaker situation...  welcome to the metagame.

of course, once we enter the new year, the truce if over.  i'm going to open a bag of freak on all of you.
    — kim possible (very possible christmas)

diametrically opposite.  not to be confused with the opposite where you're not really opposite.

    it's not every day i get to sample american cuisine.
you're in luck.  i just took possession of an honor student from illinois on her vacation.  plucked from a cancoun beach.  blonde, big boned—
    carpet matches drapes.
hardwood floor.
    — blade: the series (death goes on)

i don't know what trait it is that i'm lacking, but i just cannot muster up the desire to argue on a forum.  i've gotten so far as hitting Reply and starting to pen a response, but i inevitably decide to call it a day and go somewhere else.

please patronize our advertizers.
    (shrug)  if you insist.  oh, your products are ~so~ good...

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