The Outer Limits Park Place Log VI

few of us have the opportunity to truly begin again: to redress the flaws that tarnish our souls.
    — the vessel

you came to destroy us?  to kill us all?
    not necessarily.  see, the fate of a world isn't determined by its best examples, but by its worst.  it only takes a few to destroy the many.  especially when even the best of you can be dragged down into the mire.
    — heart's desire

there is a difference between playing God and aspiring to fulfill the potential for greatness that God gave us.
    — final appeal

the search for truth is a uniquely human process: a quest guided by our perception on an event.  but what happens to the truth when what we see and what we *think* we see are two very different things?
    — bodies of evidence

in a society where devotion to one's family is frequency sacrificed on the altar of ambition, can the things we sacrifice ever be regained?
    — family values

for centuries, philosophers and theologians have debated what it means to be human.  perhaps the answer has eluded us because it is so simple: to be human is to choose.
    — feasibility study

the answers to mankind's future problems can be found within so long as there are those among us willing to make the sacrifice.
    — patient zero

we make tools to extend our abilities, to further our reach, and fulfill our aspirations, but we must never let them define us, for if there is no difference between tool and maker, then who will be left to build the world?
    — stream of consciousness

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