The Wrapping Extravaganza Park Place Log

i do not like her name.
    there was no thought of pleasing you when she was christened.
what stature is she of?
    just as high as my heart.
you're full of pretty answers.
    — as you like it

and my two cents here, but does anyone really care if someone posts 'first'.  i mean really, why would you flag that.  its no big deal to me.
    (smirk)  every time a First post disappears, an angel gets his wings.
ok, but that just plain silly.  i mean why would that upset anyone?
    idiocy should be punished.
really.  well i have seen a hell of a lot worse than posting 'first'.  wow have we really sunk that far.
    (shrug)  i have too, but i don't see why that's any reason to let the firsters slide.
    — i imagine you can guess which ones are mine.    (i ditched the capitals, but everything else is sic.)

identify yourself!
    you will identify first.
daleks do not take orders.
    you have identified as daleks.
outline resembles the inferior species known as cybermen.
    our species are similar, though your design is inelegant.
daleks have no concept of elegance.
    this is obvious; but consider: our technologies are compatible.  cybermen plus daleks.  together we could upgrade the universe.
you propose an alliance?
    this is correct.
request denied.
    hostile elements will be deleted.
    daleks be warned: you have declared war upon the cybermen.
this is not war.  this is pest control.
    we have five million cybermen.  how many are you?
    you would destroy the cybermen with four daleks?
we would destroy the cybermen with one dalek.  you are superior in only one respect.
    what is that?
you are better at dying.
        five million cybermen: easy.  one doctor?  now you're scared.
    — doctor who (doomsday)    NB: unlike other quotes, sentences have been eliminated

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