The Lame Title Park Place Log

we're here to talk about our feelings.
    how do you feel about me being kept here against my will?
i was speaking editorially.  actually, we're here to talk about *your* feelings.
    — bionic woman (second chances)

celica engine following a ten-minute jog: 100F (38C) at the hood intake.

our take on what surrounds us is only as real as our take on what is inside us.
    — painkiller jane (reflections)

die in a fire.  seriously?  people not only felt the need to turn that into an acronym, but run with it?

sometimes a whale is just a whale.
    nothing is ever just "something".
    — law & order: criminal intent (anti-thesis)

laptop just before it starts burning my legs off: hot spot of 127F (53C).

you're workin' with high confidence here, doctor d.
    trust me, shego: this plan is totally off the heezy.
beg pardon?
    off the hook?  it's raw. chokin'. chilly. poppin'. tight. mint.
    it's very, very good, alright?  look, i need to beef up on my teen language skillz if i'm going to kick it with my new army.
you are ~so~ hip...
    word.  now let's get this party started old school, yo.
    — kim possible (the golden years)

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