Old Titleless Gunter Log IX

God.  He's cool like that.
    // 07 addition:  one of the few lines i remember that i said, though i've forgotten what it was in response to.

Q.  how many buglers does it take to reassemble an M-1?
A.  more than two...
    // 07 addition:  boy what a scam that was.  must've sucked for them that they so desperately needed a bugler that they agreed to let him skip out on nearly every other facet of honor guard.

(pout)  i lost GL '97 #3.
    // 07 addition:  looks like i've been using "(pout)" for a good while.  not sure if i should be *proud* of that fact, but, well, there it is.

i rescind my earlier statement; chatting is over-rated.  (not that you'll *never* see archangele at wbs, but it'll be rare.)
    // 07 addition:  i *think* i remember using "archangele", but *why* escapes me.

ax me no questions and i won't cut your head off.
    // 07 addition:  see? even way back then that annoyed me.

i'm firmly of the opinion that we should be exempt from all meetings where the number of acronyms being thrown around is more than the square of the number of stripes we've got on our arm.

mr c. jack gave *me* spaced out holographic stickers.  neener neener nee-ner!
    // 07 addition:  i'd like to buy a clue?

lieutenants are nothing more than airman who didn't *quite* fail out of college.
    — virginia pinner

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