The Outer Limits Park Place Log II

if we mock that which we do not understand, we may learn too late that the penalty for such arrogance is annihilation.
    — alien radio

it is said that conduct on the battlefield is the ultimate measure of a man, but often the enemy we are most afraid to face is much closer to home.
    — black box

our greatest achievements do more then heal the sick and give strength to the weak.  they also lead us from the darkness to a place of hope and light.
    — the other side

humans are driven to explore their history, to rediscover forgotten lives and times, for deep down we have always known that our past is often prologue.
    — sarcophagus

the values we instill in our children are those within ourselves.  we should make sure they are the values we want them to live by, and die by.
    — lion's den

there is no sound - no voice, no cry - in all the world that can be heard until someone listens.
    — the message

what *is* our last line of defence?  is it the military, with all of their power and might, or is it the courage of a solitary man?
    — the voice of reason

it is said, "only children are willing to believe in the possible existence of unknown creatures."  when these creatures are discovered, scientists will classify them by genus, class, order, and species.  but to children, aren't they simply the monsters that they already know?
    — under the bed

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