The XXI Olympic Winter Games Park Place Log

i don't have any pithy words regarding what happened to nodar kumaritashvili, but unlike the paralympic athletes, i'd rather be dead than paraplegic, let alone quadriplegic.

at slightly less than twenty-four square miles, i was amazed at how small monaco is.  then san marino walked in: three-quarters of a square mile.

don't get me wrong: it's not sprint car racing, but with its immediacy, it's easy to like short track speed skating.  and besides, i'm hoping that it'll evolve into rollerball.

sweet - has streaming and full-event replays.  what the... i have to have a cable provider?!  thanks for nothing.

i certainly wouldn't place it in the top spot, but i can understand why germans like biathlon pursuit.  cross country, though, is a little much.

while i can appreciate the skill needed, i have difficulty getting into figure skating, though every so often a move like joubert's running-in-place or an ice dancing pair catches my eye.

why is phelps being interviewed?
    because they want to annoy me by not showing curling.

i see they still haven't updated ski jumping by adding giant swinging balls that you either time correctly or get ponked off the ramp.

with stories like joannie rochette's out there, jocobellis just seems even *more* petty.  and what was with mancuso's crying jag?  she needs to man up like kramer.

unlike parallel giant slalom, which could use batons and closer lanes, aerials is fine just the way it is.

go night train go.  still though, you gotta be slightly embarrassed when a single person on a luge can match your speed.

as a former soloist, i know what it's like when things don't go as well as they did in practice - you want to 9mm yourself - but they made up for the fourth arm at the closing ceremony.  and besides, its lack didn't change my appreciation of how well the projectors were used.

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