The Lap Grinder Park Place Log

you bite cannot touch me...  ever.
    — bleach: dark souls

what's that site?  it's like a database of movies.
    you mean the one on the internet?
    no idea what you're talking about...

terrible and majestic, the ancient fear-giver knows none himself.
    — me

guess what a flashlight doesn't help with.  exactly: letting you know that you're about to step into snow up to your knees.

you flatter me, captain.
    oh, how clumsy of me; i meant to accuse you.
    — the sound of music

now that computers can locate my hands, they can locate the weapons they're being pounded with.  just because you wanted to beat nintendo we're one step closer to the first robot war.  way to think ahead, microsoft.

choosing not to believe in the devil won't protect you from him.
    — the rite

don't you get cold using the snowthrower?
    no, because i use it with conviction.

one step ahead of the game isn't a plan, kid.  two to three steps ahead - beating an enemy's move before it's even made - *that's* a plan.
    — the a-team

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