The Muggy and Humid Park Place Log

the will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.
    — speed racer

too often we ask, "why did this happen to *me*?", when we should be asking, "why *did* this happen to me?"

growin' old isn't for sissies, kid.
    — wall street: money never sleeps

what's a biopic?
    i think it means it's bori-; i mean, biographical.

i'm just as old as you.
    yeah, but not in your brain.
    — the secrets of jonathan sperry

who are you trying to fool with the eco-box?  we know you just want to use less plastic.  and we find ourselves very annoyed.

i'm not in the habit of arguing over the color of red herrings.
    — aeon flux (the demiurge)

done gardening already?  too hot?
    it is, but it's really that i can only take so much pointless at one time.

that's the most grammatically confused cluster of words i've ever come across.
    — imdb suz-mal

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