The Schmooby Boozeday Park Place Log

in theory, since they're not spending any time putting glasses away, they should be able to sweep up their opps-i-missed-the-garbage-can-sorry mess.

yes, well, fancy it must be hard meeting your hero and seeing that he's real and not a myth.
    — the legend of the guardians: the owls of ga'hoole

outside rack full!
    well whose fault is that?

as long as we have our spirit, then nothing, no one, can ever take away our humanity.
    — vexille

middle rack full!
    i don't think i care.
        you're not sure?
    being sure would require more energy than i have.

well, if you know anything about fairy tales, you know that the hero doesn't appear until the world *really* needs one.
    — the tale of despereaux

those dishes are really stacking up.
    yeah, someone should fire me.
i'll tell them.
    i tried, but it turns out they won't wash themselves.

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