Old Titleless Gunter Log XII

FW:   gossip  n.  when you hear something you like about somebody you don't.

old friends are always best, unless you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one of.
    — sara horne jewett

sleep is a poor substitute for caffeine.
    — todd miyasaki

all men have secrets.
    — mysterious shadow - guyver iii

a very common weakness in our culture [is that] we worry about minute problems.
    — attack of the hyper-zoanoid team five

our futures look brighter when the young are born so cold-hearted.
    — the death of the guyver
    // 08 addition:  on the off chance that any young read this, no, a false sense of entitlement is not the same thing.

NB:  not only is it rather difficult to shoot bad guys with a keyboard, but sending e-mail with a gun isn't all that much easier.
    // 08 addition:  if this doesn't mean anything to you, than you didn't have a NetLink and Virtua Cop.

when a society can no longer recognize friendship as a prime motivator, it is doomed.
    — me


oh, and lest i become remiss in my duties and fail to mention this momentous occasion:  john "i'm so cool the AF wanted me to move on base" reinhold is hosting a VG-fest at his place the 22nd.

first the negatives, so that you people who have no interest in this could get back to your ever so important jobs:  there will be two hyper dogs and a fat cat joining us; smoking will not be tolerated anywhere *near* the house; alcohol will not be provided; and the kicker: since it's my Saturn that's gonna be providing half the entertainment, i'm gonna be there as well.

and now the positives, for the three people who somehow haven't been scared away:  john's TV measures a very respectable 35"; there won't be excessive amounts of smoking or alcohol; john's place doesn't suck; and the reason you can't possibly *not* show up: since it's my Saturn that's gonna be providing half the entertainment, i'm gonna be there as well.

and that's about all there is to say, though i *do* ask you to keep in mind that most video games come with a level adjuster - official term, btw - of some kind, so you needn't actually be *good* at them, just willing to have a bunch of fun.  (you remember 'fun', right?)

// 08 addition:  for any of you snickering at the 35", not only are you most likely young, but you forget that those aren't the idiotically small Widescreen Inches that we're all being subjected to now.  (oh, look - my screen is larger *and* smaller.  fantastic.)

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