Old Titleless Gunter Log XIII

note to self: always check if a pillow had been borrowed by a cat when i wasn't looking.

didja ever notice how many words you could type simply by pretending to press random home keys?  (or do only famous actors have this ability?)

again, it is your choice of how and where your packages are delivered to you.
    — sunshine powell
(i wonder what color the sky is in *her* world...)

you never know just how you look through other people's eyes.
    — those surfer guys

...but [internet explorer] is probably one of the most easily abused programs, along with e-mail, loaded on our computers.
    — ssgt wayne cloutier
waitaminute - you mean e-mail's #2?  (trying to look vaguely pensive)  looks like i'm gonna have to try harder...

would you call me selfish?
    no.  not to your *face*.
    — cluless

btw, mr bob fry now refers to us as an 'organic workforce'.  congratulations.

blah blah blah ignoring me?
    sorry - i was just trying to figure out how i ever lived without the NetLink...

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chaosgone said...

Is your workforce free ranging, too? :)