Old Titleless Gunter Log XIV

welcome to my mind...
    — freejack
[this is an encore presentation of *my* sayings.]

reputation is a fickle lady, and once she averts her eyes she may never again look at you with the longing you desire.

when a society can no longer recognize friendship as a prime motivator, it is doomed.

close friends, like the beatings of one's heart, all too often become exceptional only upon their departure.

all our actions are ultimately selfish.  the trick is to make them appear otherwise.

man may be the sum of all he is exposed to, but can he truly determine to what extent he is affected?

with our ability to wield language, we can both stab and caress at will, and for that reason we must constantly be aware by which nature we govern ourselves.

beware assuming others judge similarly.

friendship  n.   that unique instance of make-believe where people pretend to enjoy the company of others simply for their personality.  thankfully, however, God has seen fit to grant certain individuals the ability to see through this blatant deception, knowing that nothing so beautifully simple could possibly exist in this high-octane culture of ours.

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