Old Titleless Gunter Log XVI

NB: before you start making sweeping generalizations about the south, it's always a good idea to give a thought to exactly where certain states - like, say, tennessee - happen to lie.

yet *another* of the many signs that it's probably about time to seek some help: you have yet to unpack your closet from the *last* inspection.

and speaking of inspections, why must i continually be asked if i'm ready for tomorrow's when it should be painfully obvious that i have yet to reach the 'i care' point?  is this a russian thing?  on a related note, since when is it acceptable to visit only when you'd like to borrow something?
    // 08 addition:  i wish my vacuum cleaner had had a camera on it, 'cause i'd love to know how it got so torn up.

use a man according to his desserts and who will escape a whipping?
    — hamlet

it's ok if you believe in that soul thing, just don't take it too far.
    — someone not particularly known for his tact
(luckily though this wasn't said to/about *me*, so i only needed to get annoyed.)

you're such a mystery.  why can't i unlock the door?
(there's so much more to this than i ever dreamed.)
    — warrant

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