Old Titleless Gunter Log XV

poohy  adj.   an emotion somewhere between sad and depressed which is usually accompanied and/or caused by physical ickiness
    — sorry - i forgot to ask if she'd mind my giving her credit, so it really wouldn't be right for me to mention that this is em's creation.  d'oh!

another of the many signs that it's probably about time to seek some help: it suddenly dawns on you that you are in fact conceited, and instead of doing something constructive about this, you successfully convince yourself that it's one of your many endearing qualities.
    // 08 addition:  it's possible i've mellowed over the years, but i'm kinda hoping it's just a phase...

there is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so.
    — hamlet

you know you're at a party whenever you notice someone convincing not only themselves but those around him that a floating-away balloon is the moon.

wanted: evolutionary biologist.  must be intelligent, able to deal with new situations with a certain amount of aplomb, and have a knack for not getting eaten by extremely cool-looking blood-thirsty beasts.  oh, and good-looking.

btw, if you're gonna send money to canada, make sure you get an *international* money order.

many people worry about what others say, some worry about what others do, few about how others feel.
    — john reinhold

though it pains me to say this, we've got a whole lot of yahoos living in the dorms.  (pause)  what's that?  you'd like an example?  well, let's just say that whenever someone gets two - no, make that two and a half - marriage proposals for the sole purpose of getting BAQ, it's about time to go home.
    (and i *still* think we should trade off...)
    // 08 addition:  if someone remembers what i was trading off, feel free to let me know.

[now that i'm on exchange, feel free to re-add me to your personal address book.  as well as respond to the last survey.  (pout)  i've only received seven.  or are the survey blitzmails just a bad idea in general?]
    // 08 addition:  oh, what a difficult, difficult time the AF was.

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