The Derka Derka Park Place Log

literally the moment we crossed into pennsylvania the snow started to fall.  it was a fitting welcome.

balls to the wall.  one of those phrases that it's probably best not to really think about.  i'm just saying.

note to self: when claiming a bed, leave no doubt that it's claimed.  oh, and bring a towel.

no vodka is more difficult to find than the vodka which doesn't exist.  ("well then what was i drinking?")

with no hesitation, she tasted the just-spilled-on-the-floor drink to help ascertain the responsible party.  talk about dedication.  of course, why she repeated the testing after identifying it is likely best not speculated about.

by show of hands, who's had this happen to them:  i'll never fall asleep.  i'll never fall asleep.  i'll never fall asleep.  i'll never fall asleep.  i'll never fall asleep.  i'll never fall asleep.  i'll never fall asleep. i'll never--  oh, look: i'm awake.

"does anyone have a phone so we'll know time it is?"
(sigh)  a little part of me died when i realized what i had asked.

i managed twenty funs (max three-second gust) by myself and twenty-two in a small group.  not bad, but there's definitely room for improvement.  as an aside, you'd be surprised how many people thought i was answering my phone while going down the hill.

and here i thought i wouldn't again see someone drink hard alcohol like water.  i wonder what else i'm mistaken about...

yeah, you scoffed at the "anime fighter", but i didn't hear any complaints once you discovered dizzy.  the teddy bear i dropped on your head was lagniappe.

drive through red!  drive through blue!  don't hit anything!  drift more!  what's up?!  (if it had it, that one definitely would've been a Super Drift Run.)

admittedly too late of a warning for some, beware oscar the ninja squirrel, who attacks homes when least expected.

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