The Games of the XXIX Olympiad Park Place Log I

to everyone who wants to rail against "the whole China thing"...  i'm not saying there *aren't* things to rail against, but now that it's here, pipe down and let me get my sport on.

this one is for all the genius announcers...  you know as well as i do that i'm not watching this live, so you don't need to comment about any possible reaction to bush, because i would've already heard about it.

look at you, paraguay, with your double-sided flag.  you'd definitely place if we had a flag competition.

nauru.  just over eight square miles, with a population of fourteen thousand.  i'm sure they're very nice people, but how did they manage to join the united nations?  (and before you say it, liechtenstein is over seven and a half times larger, with two and a half times the population.)

i'm not saying the opening ceremony wasn't really well done, but even if you, for instance (just off the top of my head (not referring to anyone in particular (right...))), really like the costumes and people-painting, you can't tell me that the LED screen doesn't earn major kudos, though i agree that the drums were right up there.  as an aside, what's with acting like a projection screen is something miraculous?  we've been watching movies for over a hundred years.

the sabre.  the US's last line of defence.

i had already tried McD's attempt and was going to let it slide until they started pushing it, but if you want a great fast-food chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A is still your only real choice.

what was your race strategy?
    to swim as fast as i can for as long as i can.  why are you reporters still asking idiotic questions?

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