The Games of the XXIX Olympiad Park Place Log III

nbc.  all swimming, all the time.  i'm picking on swimming here, but this applies to the running, also.  would it really have been a bad idea to supplant some of the preliminaries for highlights of other sports like team badminton, field hockey, handball, judo, and team table tennis?  not only does not everyone have high-speed internet and oodles of channels, but by the time we get to the race that counts "for real", some of us have zoned out.  someone is always going to want to see more of such-and-such, so i think you should show a little bit of as much as possible on the basic nbc channel.

look, genius: if you're showing a replay, it's no longer live, so don't have LIVE up in the corner.  also, if a particular heat is "second-to-the-last", then there should be two more.

if you're just hearing someone talk, quadruple sculls sounds like an event you can't afford to miss.  to curb your disappointment, they made sure to use the words "peloton" and "repechage".

tell me again why gymnastics can't give multiple medals of the same color?  as if it wasn't bad enough that the new scoring system seems even more made up than the old.

speaking of gymnastics, i'm still not convinced that the rhythmic scores aren't chosen even more at random than the artistic ones, but the ribbon is a fun watch nonetheless. (the hoop is decent, but i wouldn't mind if the rope was dropped.)

BMX is one lap and yet you couldn't show it from multiple angles and in slow motion like you do swimming?  very, very lame.

considering that bryan clay has earned the title of "world's greatest athlete", i'm a bit miffed that he's getting so little press.  i didn't see phelps running five events in two consecutive days.

oh, and everyone raise your hand that's had your fuwa for over a year...

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