Gunter Log 280497

Gunter Log - now in a convenient 3-day formula

you *hate* people!
    but i love gatherings.  isn't it ironic?
    — clerks

why must people use 's in completely inappropriate places (CD's, TV's etc)?  are these things suddenly owning something just because you happen to be referring to more than one?  (and no smart-<BEEP> replies from the peanut gallery, thank you very much.)

if you take the time to carefully read the outside of an ice cream container you will notice that nowhere on it does it say (it doesn't 'say'; it *reads* [malice]) anything similar to 'for best results, thaw and refreeze'.

i don't *think* so, ~sega boy~.
    — mallrats
(the ~s indicate derision. which, btw, is a very fun word to say out loud.)

and i may have mentioned this already, but staring directly into a 150w bulb really isn't one of the better ways of starting your day.

before i go, a few of the many knocks:

    the 'shave and a haircut' knock
        also referred to as the 'i am a big dork' knock

    the 'your hair had better be on fire' knock

    the 'was that a knock?' knock
        also referred to as the E-knock

and now it's time for me to contemplate why my project probably won't be done on time.  Cya.

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