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the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    — thomas jefferson
(if you're going to quote an ex-president to suit your ends, you could at least quote him correctly, yes?)

whenever you have to yank your alarm clock from the wall because you just can't quite figure out how to shut it off, i'd say it's about time to at least *consider* getting something vaguely resembling sleep at night.

know the joy of being worth more than you get - the pure joy of unrecognized superiority.
    — s.m. smith
(unrecognized superiority.  y'know, if i had had the inclination to come up with a personal mantra, that would've been it.)

so just how fine *is* the line between 'self-assured' and 'cocky'?
(and more to the point: do i want to know?)

according to a new study, the less a woman weighs when she is born, the lower her chance of getting breast cancer in life.  the study was performed by the Center for Stuff You Can't Do Anything About.
    — norm macdonald

feel free to condemn me, but you haven't truly lived until you've seen little kids with heads as big as their bodies slug it out.  (SEGA!)

and i imagine that i might very well be the last person to realize this, but having a partially-numb lip sucks.

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