The Diacritical Marks Park Place Log

if i say i'm bored, is that being rude?
    — bleach: dark souls

"what's this button do?" he asks, picking up the remote.  "oh, good - it makes you go away."

i would invite you to sit down, but i don't want to.
    — out of time

while bacon can "go bad", there's no such thing as bad bacon, just bacon that isn't as good as other bacon.

fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.
    — transformers: rise of the fallen

even if you couldn't care less, do me a favor and ask walt disney studios home entertainment if they're releasing gargoyles season 2 volume 2 in 2011...

the dragon began to belch out flames and burn bright homesteads; there was a hot glow that scared everyone, for the vile sky-winger would leave nothing alive in his wake.
    — beowulf (heaney) 2312-2315

celestial seasonings named one of their teas "morning thunder".  i'm not much for keeping up with slang, but even i know they should've tried a bit harder.

dear God.  what is it like in your funny little brains?  it must be boring.
    — sherlock: a study in pink

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