The Fortress Australia Park Place Log

you... could not so much as bend my knee.
    — bleach: dark souls

who would've thought that deciding what is/n't a wargame would be as difficult - or maybe moreso - than deciding if God exists?

... a wildness rose in the dragon again and drove it to attack, heaving up fire, hunting for enemies ...
flames lapped the shield, charred it to the boss, and the body armour on the young warrior was useless to him.
    — beowulf (heaney) 2669-2671, 2672-2674

alana de la garza doesn't have a facebook or myspace page.  i like her even more now.

i see you've been taking your overconfidence pills again.
    — the whole truth (when cougars attack)

i'm not saying there aren't a handful of niggles, but the rise of cobra is a fun movie.  if you consider it anathema compared to the cartoon, than you don't really remember the cartoon as well as you think you do.

"impossible" is merely a word that describes the degree of difficulty.
    — it takes a thief (unknown episode)

any questions?
    two.  how much caffeine could a stick of gum hold, and could it be made to taste good?
any questions concerning the topic at hand?
    well then you should've been more specific...

pioneers, oh pioneers . . .
    — quite possibly the most idiotic series of commercials ever made

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