The Inertia Guy Park Place Log

if i had a brick made of grammar, i'd throw it at you.
    — hobby_lavastorm

who knew that the vornado would be just as useful up north as it was down south?  (stupid heat bubble...)

we can undo only what others have already forgotten.
    — aeon flux (reraizure)

i like putting 'the' in front of sicknesses (etc) where it doesn't belong: the measles, the scurvy, the pneumonia, the strep.

you can't find out everything from books, you know.
    i think i read that once.
    — the secret of kells

i also like treating spice names as diseases: chervil, galangal, turmeric, malabathram, chives.

what do they want?
people don't want justice.  they want vengeance.
    — quo vadis

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