The Helmet Fire Park Place Log

i was joking about it beforehand, but shaving the beard you've had for ten years is no laughing matter.

more idealism, but at times it can be a good servant of the realist.
    — ponderosa (day of the dragon)

if vampires were ex-werewolves, i could understand why they wouldn't want to see themselves in the mirror.

what the flame does not consume consumes the flame.
    — aeon flux (chronophasia)

digging holes doesn't build character; shaving your beard builds character.  and by "builds character", i mean, "makes you want a drink".

i do not entertain hypotheticals; the world as it is is vexing enough.
    — true grit ('10)

ask my how bad the economy is.
    how bad is the economy?
i shaved my beard.  (ba dum bum)

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