Old Titleless Gunter Log XIX

another characteristic of human nature - perhaps the one that makes us most human - is our capacity to do the unnatural, to transcend and hence transform our own nature.
    — m. scott peck

always remember guys: They *will* test Us.  (and though it's technically possible to earn bonus points every now and again, for the most part everything's pass or fail.  feel better now?)

you didn't hear it from *me*, but exercise actually makes you feel better than caffeine.

her date was pleasant enough, but she knew that if her life was a movie this guy would be buried in the credits as something like Second Tall Man.
    — russell beland

FW:  expert  n.   someone who is called in at the last moment to share the blame.

being happy is nothing more than having something to look forward to.
    — a family affair

in case you were wondering, swearing at inanimate objects you've just tripped over doesn't really make them feel all that remorseful.

so just what have those crazy scientist-type people been up to since that whole cloning thing you ask?  they have just proven - both mathematically and empirically, mind you - that it *is* in fact impossible to finish the peanut butter, bread and jelly simultaneously.


chaosgone said...

Exercise? What's that?

Michael Malley said...

(smirk) one of too many things i used to do more often.