Old Titleless Gunter Log XXI

oh, i'm sorry - i didn't realize it was a *capital* B...

each night i taste the silence of the words in my throat.
    — stiltskin

no matter how tired you are, i don't recommend poking yourself in the eye with a corner of your pillow to be the method you choose to wake up.

the shield of distance too often brings out the worst in us.
    — tom burke  (paraphrased)

on the whole, looking at a mirror after having fallen asleep with damp hair doesn't really do all that much to advance your self-esteem.

the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
    — marcel proust

contrary to popular belief, you will *not* find out someone's telephone number by looking through a dictionary.
    // 08 addition:  as an aside, how many kids today have ever looked *through* a dictionary?

there is a fine line between clever and stupid.
    — spinal tap

and i'm pretty much all GLed out, so feel free to send me any suggestions concerning blitzmail.  and no, i don't know how long this hiatus will last.
    // 08 addition:  i wish i had dates on these to know how long it lasted.

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