The Oh Seven Twenty-nine Park Place Log

i so could've taken that better.  that was all kinds of poor.
    — me, after taking a not-so-good line through a curve in Bolide

the other day we were under both a Flood Warning and a Fire Weather Advisory.  shouldn't they cancel out somehow?  (pause)  on a completely different note, isn't it interesting how you have "yesterday", "the day before yesterday", and then "the other day", which is basically everything from two days ago back to the day you were born?

the taste of despair is so much sweeter when it's torn from the cradle of faith.
    — bloodrayne: deliverance

if, when replying to a post asking how a word is pronounced in another language, you use the word "bow", you're not really helping.

i'm not hating; i'm expressing disappointment with conviction.
    — me again, though i can't remember when

why don't on-line registration forms stop pretending and give us instructions that follow how we actually do things?  for instance: cut & paste address here.

what they got you teaching here, young sergeant?
    edged weapons, sir.  knife fighting.
don't you teach 'em knife fighting.  you teach 'em to kill.  that way they meet some sonofabitch studied knife fighting, they send his soul to hell.  it's all in the mind, sergeant.  that's where the battle's won.
    — spartan

whoever thought that it was a good idea to give people a running total of their forum "contributions" was incorrect.  there.  i've said it.

the tears of the quitters make me strong.
    — thechony (tanga)

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