The Six-sided Square Park Place Log

for a moment linnie thought she might have a cry, but she decided she was in too much of a hurry for that.
    — the golden book of 365 stories

the problem with getting a glass of mtn dew out of habit first thing in the morning is that you might then decide you want a bowl of cereal.

Warning: Never shine human eyes within short distance to avoid hurt!
    — Wolf Eyes CYA

i still have high score charts to improve, but after letting the DS sit idle for many months, i finally got around to beating Meteos (insofar as i bought everything that can be).  it's a good game, but where is the "i just want to relax and play" mode for my mom (and where is the gallery for the planet pictures? (and why can't i see the CPU's board when he dies? (and back on Metroid Prime Pinball, why aren't there Wireless-Bounty and Wireless-Time boards? (and where's the sound test? (and since when is it playable without the backlight? (btw, it was SoCo))))))?

the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.
    — CPF cydonia

ciudad de la santisima trinidad y puerto de nuestra señora la virgen maria de los buenos aires.  buenos aires' "original" name when it was (re-)established.  and the possible birthplace of carmen sandiego.

whatever you are, perhaps God will forgive you... but you'll receive no such mercy from me.
    — sakura taisen: ecole de paris (flowers at daybreak)

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