Old Titleless Gunter Log XXII

whenever you're about to begin a sentence with "i don't know if i should ask this, but...", you should probably give serious consideration to its being stillborn.

the first rule when dealing with the devil: don't.
    — solo

for how cheap talk is, isn't it kind of amazing just how much a misplaced phrase can cost you?

i find your lack of faith disturbing.
    — star wars

i wouldn't've thought it possible, but mtn dew can be made to taste even better simply by it being stored in a mega mouth can.

when i open my door it's like looking into a whole other place...
    — i'm not completely sure i didn't pick this up somewhere

don'tcha just hate when your nap turns into a sleep?

why were you late?
    'cause the bell rang before i got here.
    — high school high

oh, and archangel's been down for the last 4 days and looks to continue that trend which would explain my lack of response to anything you might have sent there.  (and yes, that could be written better, but it would take either a second sentence or more caffeine than i currently have in my system.)
    // 08 addition:  coincidentally, the day this was supposed to be posted the RAID died.

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