The Evergreen Zombies Park Place Log

...for the average person, the hunger for knowledge is like the hunger for food: we want to know just enough to take the edge off our appetite, then we're satisfied and we stop.
    — hellraiser: deader

coupon must be surrendered between 5/5/08 and 6/1/08 to receive discount.  (pause)  that's much too mamby-pamby for me.  i want a coupon that will seize the discount by force.

i've yet to see the day you can make a deal with a mad dog, so while you're feedin' him sugar, i'll be figurin' a plan to muzzle 'im.
    — 20000 leagues under the sea

i don't drink often, but losing my twelve million Metroid Prime Pinball save because i had the foresight to plug the DS into a power strip (that happened to be off) was worth two shots.  (one likely would've been sufficient, but it didn't take effect instantaneously (and no, i didn't know there are two LEDs (oh, and whoever came up with triclops terror should be shot (i could keep going: could they have made bumping the table any more annoying (if only they could program it so that blowing on the screen would do something)? (how about the final boss? (why can't i reconfigure the buttons? (why is it so difficult to find the hole sometimes? (that's what she said))))))).)

a stupid man's report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.
    — bertrand russell

rhetorical question #519: off the top of your head, do you know how to spell /kuz' en/?  i tried six variations that i knew weren't correct before i finally broke down and decided to just look it up.  so much for winning that spelling bee when i was a kid.

y'know, i once had a wolf, and a wolf only makes a good pet if he thinks he's a dog.
    — bionic woman (second chances)

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