The Rice Bag Park Place Log

price chopper's pizza premio! specifically reads "keep frozen until ready to use" and "do not eat without cooking".  i'm thinking the latter one is a bit extraneous.  on a related note, how is it legal to list "spices" as one of the ingredients?

the angels have the phone box.
    — doctor who (blink)

beware the x-zylo.  more specifically, beware the person who tosses it with more force than the intervening distance safely allows.

every species can smell its own extinction.
    — in the mouth of madness

what's a hart?
    i think it's like a deer.
/looking it up/  a male deer.
    so i guess it's not so much *like* a deer as it *is* a deer.

any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    — arthur c clarke

i enjoy the peeps marshmallow chicks, but i get a little sad when i bite their heads off.
    really?  i chew them extra...

the honor of God, gentlemen, is a very good thing, and all things considered, one gains by having it on one's side.
    — becket

when i become king i'm going to replace random signs.  the first replacement will be "speed checked by gary burghoff".

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