The Games of the XXVIII Olympiad White Oak Log III

i just want to start this off by thanking nbc for showing handball.  in two fifteen-second clips.  which is only slightly longer than you've spent reading this so far, so now that the congratulatory part of the rant is over, i'd just like to say that you *suck*, nbc.

sucky suck suck.


nice job, acuff.  bird in the hand.  ever hear of it?  i really hope you were injured and saving yourself.

the winner of the Not Nearly As Interesting As I Was Expecting Award goes to Tae Kwon Do.  (greco-roman wrestling would have put up a good fight except for the fact that i never *expected* it to be interesting.)

see, other people realize that artistic gymnastics are inherently boring as well, otherwise they wouldn't've bothered to come up with its rhythmic cousin.

it's official: from now on, marathon runners can carry collapsible police batons.  they can't use them to hit other runners, though.  that's what the metallic arm bands are for.  what?!  they'll be wearing padding.

dear people in the stands,
    maybe you should leave the whistles at home in the future, what'd'ya think?

since team sports are here to stay, i say add Rollerball.  (pause)  the james caan Rollerball, not the new one which i never saw but am pretty sure sucked. (though not as much as nbc.)
    // 08 addition: i've since seen it, and it was passable from what i remember.

no commercials this time, but the winner of the No Commercials That Didn't Suck Award goes to mcdonald's, for not having any commercials that didn't suck.

and finally, three cheers for greece, a tiny country who put on a rather large show.  my favorite part of the opening ceremony was the procession of greek history, though the dueling drums as well as the lighting of the rings and cauldron are right up there.  and i was impressed all over again when it dawned on me during the track and field events that that was where it all took place.

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