The Happily Frustrated Park Place Log

if you're going to use tricky words like "schadenfreude", it's best to make sure you spell them correctly.  i can understand though, 'cause when you're typing on a forum, you don't always have a dictionary nearby...

you're a very good talker, but so was the serpent in eden.
    — the incredible hulk (sideshow)

on one hand, losing the house A/C during a heat wave just plain sucks, but on the other, it's not so different from camping during crappy weather (except that you can't forget anything and needn't be concerned about thieves).

i'm afraid there's no dessert.
    depends on what you call dessert...
    — kindred: the embraced (bad moon rising)

considering that the Brain Age Check consists of "three tests chosen at random", it's amazing how often the first of the three is the Stroop Test.  (pause)  and now that i've gotten the ball rolling...  why doesn't Head Count have ten rounds instead of splitting them up between Normal and Hard (and why is it "hard" and not "difficult"?)?  granted, five possibilities is nice and quick, but it doesn't make for much of a graph.  not that Triangle Math is much better, but at least that one spreads out the results a bit by virtue of measuring in seconds.  oh, and why doesn't Stamp Design allow me to draw in white so i can erase?  and he could've tried a bit harder with the conversational text (really? i maintained the status quo? 'cause it looked like i just got a new first place).

when i was your age, the Internet was called "books".
    — the princess bride ("updated")

i'm sorry to see you go, wile e coyote t-shirt from '96, but you're just too itchy.

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