The Noble Resignation Park Place Log

how come no one told me that dina meyer is in the Saw movies?  now i have a reason to watch them (beyond the fact that i'm one of about five who haven't).

my grandmother told me that we all have a black dog and a white dog inside us, and whichever one we feed the most eventually eats the other.
    — kindred: the embraced (live hard, die young and leave a good looking corpse)

saying that anime is big eyes and short skirts is like saying that all boardgames are like monopoly.

you talk all the time, but you don't *say* anything.
    — doctor who (the doctor's daughter)

if you're starting a forum thread that's essentially a question, do everyone a favor and put a question mark or the word "question" in the title.

...but you don't know anything about me.
    well, i know that any self-respecting villain would've made a suspicious move by now.
    — the incredible hulk (a solitary place)

in grocery store:  i haven't had bologna in an awfully long time.
later that evening:  and now i know why...
(in all fairness, if you balance it out with the cheese, it's perfectly fine.)

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chaosgone said...

I only buy the free ranging bologna myself.