Gunter Log 120597

Gunter Log XXX    (that's extra dry, you silly person)

whenever you need to actually expend energy to open a pop-top you might as well quit pretending that you're on the mend.

another of the many signs that you need some professional help:  you send yourself a piece of mail because you figure that the LAN *must* be down, as only that would explain your not having received any in 'so long'.

for those of you who were into calculators:  710.77345

granted, it's not as good as watching little kids kick each other's butt (as if anything could be), but blowing up friends' rambo-armed worms runs a not-too-distant second.

i don't need beer - i'm *naturally* out of shape.

mormons:  lots of babes
catholicism:  heaven
    (pout)  why is nothing ever easy?   <SLAP>

all these years i just assumed that being Nice was synonymous with being Good.  how wrong i was...

oh, and if anyone dies this week, Lord, please may the whole thing take exactly twelve hours.
// 08 addition:  i'm pretty sure this is an honor guard reference, but i don't remember what i was hoping to avoid.

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