The Situational Morality Park Place Log

135,591 in Planet Puzzle League for DS.  another reason why my mom is cooler than your mom.  (she also likes Dark City.)

i'm going deaf with alliteration.
    — my dad

i look forward to the day that things happen to Madonna and no one really cares.  to quote myself (though regarding someone else), "you're no Cher."

it's like it was fried and then soaked in disgusting.
    — mark schmalley

i want to vote for t. boone pickens if only because his commercials don't annoy me.

this must be what sadness tastes like.
    — ryan fitzpartick  (not *that* ryan fitzpatrick)

i really don't think it'd be amiss that a law be passed mandating that smokers spray febreze on their clothes before they mix with non-smokers.

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chaosgone said...

I will be glad when the election is over, so we can stop having all these annoying political ads on TV.