Gunter Log 140597

Caffeine Free Diet Pointless Gunter Log

there is no gravity; the earth sucks.
    — mystic water (via beth candy)

we need a new search engine for the global list, 'cause 'liz', 'mis' and 'spudhead' should be *more* than enough information to find who i'm looking for.

while looking at the ingredients of my 'cool from nestea natural lemon flavored iced tea sweetened', i noticed that it includes 'concentrated tea from tea leaves'.  (it's a joke grenade; just give it a little time.)

four little E.C.s, happy as can be -
one goes too far, and now there are three.
// 08 addition:  this is another of those items that no longer mean anything to me, but i'm sure were rather clever at the time.

BIIIIIG sack by manumana the slender, who does his "i'm gonna go get me some poi" sack-celebration dance.
    — necessary roughness

never invoke the gods unless you really want them to appear.  it annoys them very much.
    — g.k. chesterton

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