The Cucumber and Licorice Park Place Log

until you've made a cookie sheet-sized apple pie with seven pounds of apples, you've only dabbled.  (and that's seven pounds after they're peeled and cut.)

swift run the sands of life except in the hour of pain.
    — the hunchback of notre dame (silent)

what's with fining nfl players for supposed late hits and other infractions when penalties weren't earned during the game?  if we're going to play that way, why can't we fine political candidates when they say things that aren't 100% factual?

well mike, i wouldn't worry: prosperity's just around the corner.
    yeah, it's been there a long time.  i wish i knew which corner.
    — my man godfrey

brooke shields, actress/humanitarian.  my parents don't agree, but those are some funny commercials.

mere force is useless against people who are neither cowards nor fools.  we must match courage with courage and cunning with still greater cunning if we are to do anything at all.
    — the scarlet pimpernel

early voting.  it's election *day*, not election *fortnight*, right?

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