The Financial Alchemy Park Place Log

so tell me again why we haven't invented chainsaw chains that don't lengthen almost as soon as you look away.  (i realize all chains lengthen, but i don't understand why we can't slow the process down a bit.)

if a man says something in the forest and his wife isn't there to hear him, he's still wrong.
    — michael j fox

those commercials with doctors giving massive amounts of information kill me, 'cause i've never met one that didn't try his best not to give me detailed answers.

the beginning of any society is never charming or gentle.
    — the last man on earth

the other day i used "lasternight" in a sentence.  how sad for me.

how come God hogs up all the good followers and we get all the retards?
    — spawn  (yes, i know, this quote isn't very PC, what with it mentioning God.)

those mylar blankets really do keep you warm, but i think they're made out of concentrated noise.

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