Gunter Log 181198

A Score and Four of the Shortest Books I've Ever Written Gunter Log

capitalization: a primer

using words in a manner consistent with your audience

the base barber and you: looking your best

how to exercise for more than a week and a half at a time

the layman's guide to particle physics

sodas other than mountain dew

how not to be a sarcastic b@$+@rd

setting reasonable standards

point of sale: buying in moderation

getting along with people older than you

learn to chauffeur in under a week

spartan living

keeping excessive bass from upsetting the person who lives behind you

raving 101

the long term benefits of credit cards

college and you: a practical guide

the complete honor guard experience

babes i can't seem to get along with

modesty - it's not just for everyone else

keeping your laughter in check

the many uses of RE:ALLs

an etymological study of last names

my place in the *real* world

blitzmail: a study in futility

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