The Great Snow of '08 Park Place Log

i wasn't going to comment on this since everyone else was doing so well, but if every person in that mob shows half that initiative helping their fellow man, the human race might come out ahead.  as an aside, instead of forcing wal-mart employees to watch a what-to-do video we should be forcing all the geniuses and their peers to watch a what-not-to-do one.

i wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me.  or am i even in its mind at all?
    — styx

Top Five Decisions I've Just Made Concerning My Movie
(17 June 98)

  5.   not a single telephone number will begin with '555'.

  4.   all props will be stored in a safe between shoots.

  3.   i will watch it before i release it to the public.

  2.   the bad guy will kick serious <BEEP>.  (and he will have neither a perm nor a single shock of hair with the rest of his head being covered by this idiot plastic dishbowl thing.)

And the Number One Decision I've Made Concerning My Movie...

   the obligatory halter-top-and-shorts-clad-chick-carrying-a-big-weapon-backlit-by-massive-explosions shot shall remain untouched.  whether or not this shot has the slightest bearing on the plot is completely irrelevant.

Five More Decisions I've Just Made Concerning My Movie
(24 June 98)

  5.   the obligatory chase / cat-n-mouse scene will take place during an E3.

  4.   the story-boarders *will* look at a map to keep track of that whole distance vs time thing.

  3.   i will make a cameo appearance and shout SEGA! for no discernible reason.

  2.   two words: subliminal messages

And the Number One Decision I Just Made...

   the trailer will not give away the plot.  in fact, i'm pretty sure that it'll consist solely of the halter-top-and-shorts-clad-chick-carrying-a-big-weapon-backlit-by-massive-explosions scene shown from multiple angles, MTV-style.

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