The US Patroness Park Place Log

once again i'm surprised that this isn't common knowledge for northern folk: when it comes to snow drifts, momentum - not finesse - is your best friend.

can you never rise above trivialities?
    can't rise above anything more than three syllables, my dear; never could.
    — the scarlet pimpernel

the CBS show numb3rs?  not only is the name too tricky for its own good, but it may have the highest level of nonsense of any show currently on the air. (boobah is still the most painful show i've ever seen, though.)

i've never seen an insectiverous plant before.  what is it called?
    venus flytrap.  a devouring organism.  aptly named for the goddess of love.
    — suddenly, last summer

we really need to stop putting more and more photosites on small camera sensors.  granted, i like higher numbers as much as the next guy, but it's the quality of the pixels that matter.  the difference between a prosumer's 3MP and a compact's 8MP is not as obvious as the numbers would suggest.

you can't get lucky all the time.
    you can be smart every day though.
    — 16 blocks

butterfinger crisp, baby.  the original butterfinger fun size bars are top notch too, but the full size version is a bit too messy for me.  almond joy is right up there as well, but it really needs twice as many almonds.

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