The Petrified Lightning Park Place Log

trust doesn't mean a whole lot without honesty.
    — gargoyles (her brother's keeper)

when it comes to plopping them on the tray, there's a fine line between "as large as possible" and "giant sheet pan cookie".

[i]t's when you run away you're most likely to stumble.
    — the snows of kilimanjaro

push until alarm sounds; door can be opened in 15 seconds.
even ignoring the lawsuit waiting to happen, how is that a good idea?

life often turns upon such small things as a flickering old lamp.
    — the arabian nights (lang)

instead of informing me that i can't use the flash in burst mode, how about camera makers design firmware that assumes i know what i'm doing and have what i'm setting *right now* override what i set *before*?

some people have so little consideration for others, which makes life so much more difficult than it needs to be.
    — the lady vanishes

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