Gunter Log 290598

FROSTED Brown Sugar Cinnamon Gunter Log (with a Mt Dew chaser)

i was described as 'practically giddy' last week.  (pause)  looks like i'm gonna have to try a bit harder.

be careful - even *stupid* people have moments of genius.
    — me (from my BattleTech glory days)

you get a bonus point if you can tell me what 'brominated' means.  (NB: if you cull it from a dictionary i'll expect a layman's version as well.)

when the AF begins to stand between you and your friends it's about time to... um... make sure you don't say anything that can be overheard.

psst!  just between us, dentists really hate it when you eat those peanut butter chocolate wafer things right before you get your teeth cleaned.

*tear*  *tear*  *rip*  *shred*
oh, and if your gums hurt a little just rinse your mouth out with some warm salt water...

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