Gunter Log 270597

New Plastic Gunter Log -   Guaranteed Not to Rust for TEN YEARS!

any mom which can effortlessly use the word 'whatevah' during a conversation is a cool mom.  (my sister and i have taught her well.)

whenever you see someone in a McDs line reading a novel, you might as well just go home.

quick!  more lame autosigs!

btw, apparently 'crazy-wild' - as in, 'we can have a crazy-wild party' - has now become acceptable vernacular.  you have been warned.

and how can this *be*?  for he *is* the kwisatz haderach!
    — dune (the movie)
btw2, i wouldn't mind having alia as a little sister, 'cause she *rocks*!

btw3, not that lara croft isn't still right up there - how could she *not* be with her brazen attitude and crisp british accent - but janet marshall is now my VG babe of choice.  (i just can't help but like a babe who carries a gun but is so in control she doesn't need to draw it.)
// 08 addition:  blaze fielding will always be tops, though. you never forget your first.

oops i did not mean to reply all sorry
    — dsdjs nitmd  (heaven forbid we simply cancel the message and press the *correct* button)
// 08 addition:  i'm guessing that my oh so tricky encoding was 'sasha burns', but the name really doesn't ring any bells.

while i may not know who the enemy is anymore, i do know my friends.
    — babylon 5  (i don't own the DVDs yet, so i don't know the specific episode.)

any movie which has julianne moore, dinosaurs and a sega reference is a good movie.  period.  end of sentence.

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